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After you have had Cryoskin it’s important to follow our guidelines so that you maintain as well as enhance your results. Read the following information:


  • Avoid sugars for a minimum of 2 hours after your CryoSlimming session. Sugar in this context includes carbohydrates, natural sugars (fruits, alcohol, etc.), and refined sugars
  • Drink a minimum of 1.5L of water or our tea sold in the boutique  per day for 14 days following a CryoSlimming session.
  • Follow a balanced lifestyle, with a healthy diet and exercise routine for the best results.
  • If desired, you may incorporate detox treatments into your routine such as:  Infrared sauna, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, or Compression.
  • We can provide the infrared sauna detox treatment.  We do not provide the other detox treatments listed here.

For best results, these treatments should be done at least 72 hours after your CryoSlimming session.