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Want to get FREE Cryoskin sessions and make money by helping us sell our services and packages? Well become an affiliate for us.  We have 2 ways you can earn commission. 

Please be sure to read all of the following information.  

We Have Two Sites

-Heavenly Body Studio – Cryoskin/Body Contouring Services

-Heavenly Body Store – Bath & Body Product Site

To become an affiliate for either site, the first thing you need to do is create an affiliate account using the following link. Or by clicking here You only need one account.

Heavenly Body Studio Program Affiliates sell services and earn commission from whatever they sell.  The commissions are manually put into your account when someone purchases anything and uses you as a reference.  Once you have an account you will be sent an email directly from Heavenly Body Studio detailing how this works and your commission details.  

  • ***You can get FREE Cryoskin services. Yes, read that correctly.  Just call us or email us once you register to let us know that you want to.  After your first paying referral customer, you can get Free Cryoskin services.  The more paying customer referrals, the more free sessions you get.
  • You can use any information on our website to help you promote our business.  Post on Facebook, Instagram or any of your social media platforms using the link we provide when you sign up.

Heavenly Body Store Affiliates help promote and sell bath and body products.  You can see this site when you click the link in the menu that says “shop online”, or the button that says “shop our bath and body products”, or when you go to  To earn commission for those items your followers/family/friends will have to put in your code to save 20%. You will have separate code for yourself that you can send to us in an email. You will earn commission off of what you sell.  The details for that are as follows.  

Here are the benefits of becoming an affiliate with Heavenly Body Store:

  • Once you sign up to become an affiliate you can earn commission on 3 levels.  Level one earns 15%, Level 2 earns 20%, and Level 3 earns 30%. 
  • You will automatically earn $10 when you sign on as an affiliate.  
  • Your commission is paid via PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App once you reach $50
  • When you register on the site linked below you will be able to see your commissions, let us know how you want to be paid, create your own code for you to give out to potential customers, and more.

If you have any questions on our affiliate program please email us at or give us a call at 912-209-5858.  To sign up as an affiliate please click here or use the link below in your web browser.