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Our business is all about being unique.  We didn’t want to just offer a regular massage. No, no, no, we wanted to give you a unique, yet relaxing experience.

We have a device that uses suction for lymphatic drainage.  Many of our clients find the vacuum very relaxing when it glides across the skin.  When we add heat to it, many people fall asleep.

We will start your massage off using our wand to warm up your skin just a little.  Warmth relaxes muscles and relieves tension in the body.  After that, we will then use our lymphatic drainage device to gently suction your skin and tissue inside of it.  We will glide this gently along your body as you listen to relaxing music in our body studio.

This massage technique will not only relax you deeply, but it is also great for lymphatic drainage and even cellulite reduction.  Your lymphatic system’s job is to remove toxins from your body.  Therefore, when we stimulate your lymphatic system it can help to cleanse your body.  Get this massage for yourself or for someone else as a gift.  Everyone loves a nice massage. Right?

30 Minutes: $40

45 Minutes: $60

60 Minutes: $80