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At Heavenly Body Studio we love to show love to our regular customers and clients.  We thought, what better way to show you how much we appreciate you than to have you become a member. Being a member comes with great benefits and lots of deals.  We can’t wait until you become a member of our Angel Club Family!

Angel Club Benefits

We Have 3 Membership Options To Choose From


Angel’s Club Signature Membership:     Get the following benefits for only $15 a month

  • Get ONE FREE mini facial every month – choose from our Charcoal, White Clay, Red Clay, Coconut or 24K facial.
  • One FREE 30 or 60 min sauna session every month
  • One FREE keychain
  • Special Discounts On All Services (Find membership price under each service)


Angel’s Club Deluxe Membership:     Get the following benefits for only $25 a month

  • Everything from the signature membership
  • An extra 5% off body sculpting services/packages, butt and breast lifts
  • An extra 15% off all other services.


Angel’s Club Family Plan Membership:     Get the following benefits for only $35 a month

  • Enjoy Deluxe Member benefits for yourself
  • Allow your family and friends to utilize your membership and enjoy our Signature Member discounts on services.
  • Family and friends have to wait until you have been a member for 30 days to enjoy your member benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I sign up?  Simply click one of the buttons on this page that say, “Join Now”.
  2. How often can I get a free facial with my membership?  The free services are available for you to use once a month.
  3. How much do I have to pay when I sign up?  You will pay the membership price when you sign up and the next payment will occur on the same day the following month.
  4. Will the payment be taken out automatically? Yes, we use Stripe as our payment processor.  They have a secure credit card processing system.
  5. What do I do if I decide to cancel my membership? You can cancel at any time from our membership page.  We do not have access to your membership or card information.
  6. How will you know I’m a member? We will be notified of your membership sign up.
  7. How do I book appointments as a member?  You book your appointments the same as you have before, either online, in our office, or over the phone.
  8. Can I let someone else use my benefits?  We want you to enjoy the benefits of your membership, and do not allow others to utilize your membership benefits.
  9. Can I skip a month?  Yes; however, we do not have a skip option.  You can cancel your membership for one month and sign up again when you’re ready.
  10. What if I don’t use my benefits one month, will it roll over to the next month?  Unfortunately, we do not have a rollover option.  If you don’t use your free services one month, you cannot receive two the following month.
  11. Is the membership price refundable?  Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds.  You can cancel anytime before your next payment is due to ensure you don’t receive any additional charges.  There is no cancellation fee.
  12. How does the family plan work?  You get to use the deluxe benefits and anyone else you send to use your membership will get signature discounts.  So they will pay the signature membership price for services but they will not receive the free facial.  You must inform us that they are allowed to use your membership.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to call us directly or send an email to