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Business Hours

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Don’t have all of the money to purchase your Cryoskin sessions?  We now allow you to make payments.  

Everyone is approved! Just simply let us know you want to enter our Heavenly Payments Program.  With this program we will discuss the services you want and how we will break it down into 4 easy payments. 

Payments can be made weekly or bi-weekly.  We will call you to have you make your payment over the phone or through our site using a link that we email or text to you.  Or you can pay cash when you come in.  It’s that simple.  No credit checks. Just a simple agreement between us.  Not available with gift cards.

For more information please call or email us directly.  

Gift Cards

  • Want to give someone else the gift of Cryoskin? Get them a gift card. It’s the perfect way to show you care.

Cryoskin Slimming and/or Body Toning

* For each session you choose to either slim or tone the body

  • Single Session $200
  • 3 Sessions $500 (Savings of $100)
  • 5 Sessions $750 (Savings of $250)
  • 10 Sessions $1,500 (Savings of $500)

For Breast or Butt Lift, see pricing below

COMING JUNE 1 Deep Facial Scrubbing

Gets rid of bacteria, dirt, oil, and more. Add on to a facial! Pre-order this service and save some $$. Must be paid for by 5/31. See a short video on our Facebook or Instagram page.

Pre-Order price $30 Regular Price in June $75

Cryoskin Facial

  • Single Session $100
  • Monthly Membership $300 – You’ll save $100 and get one facial a week!
  • Fab Facial Fest- Facial Party w/3-5 people (Option1- we come to you) $125 per person (Option2- you come to us) $75 per person

Infrared Sauna

  • $30 for 30 minutes
  • $50 for 60 minutes (Savings of $10)
  • Monthly Membership – $90 for 1 weekly 30 minute session (Savings of $30)
  • Monthly Membership – $150 for 1 weekly 60 minute session (Savings of $50)

Vacuum Butt Lift

  • Single Session $50
  • 3 Sessions $125 (Savings of $25)
  • 5 Sessions $205 (Savings of $45)

Add Cryoskin Toning to your butt lift to enhance the results for an additional $100

Cryoskin Toning Breast Lift

  • $150 (includes up to 2 toning sessions)

Facial Masks

  • $30 for each mask or add it to an infrared sauna session other service for $15. There are 3 masks to choose from. See info on each mask on the Infrared Sauna Page.