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Do you know your purpose?

I am someone who has always asked God what my purpose is.  I have always felt drawn to people who needed help in some way, whether it was mentally, physically, or/and emotionally.  My purpose in life is to heal and to help people on their spiritual journey.  So I have been studying various things and have connected to God in a much more powerful way than I ever have in my life.  I plan to become an energy healer in the near future but for now I offer Tarot Card Readings.  If you are interested in those services please see the information below.

What is Tarot Reading?

A Tarot Reading is a way to get guidance on how to proceed in a life situation, it can also be an answer to a question, or simply a way to get counsel in your life’s journey.  It can also show you what is the next milestone or challenge you will have to face.  Best of all, it doesn’t have to be done in person. They can be done over the phone or video.  I offer both in person readings and video readings through FaceTime or Google Duo.


What is my style of reading Tarot?

I am a natural counselor at heart.  I love helping people and giving advice and I allow the cards to help me help you. Even research shows that Tarot can be therapeutic. I use Tarot to provide encouragement and show love to whomever I’m reading for.  Yes, the cards have meanings behind them but I use my intuition to guide me.  You and someone else could both pull the same card and it could mean something different for each of you.  My strong intuition is a gift I have and it allows me to tell you what that card means for you and only you.

What types of Tarot Readings do I offer?

General Readings – For when you don’t have anything in particular you want to know about and you just want to see what information shows up in a reading. Or not sure which other reading to choose.

Life Purpose – For anyone who is pondering the one question many people ask, “Why am I here?”  This reading answers that question, tells you what is blocking you and what step to take next.

Next Chapter Clarity – Sometimes we just feel stuck and don’t know what to do next in our lives.  This tells you what is the next chapter for you and how to navigate it.

Love and Relationships – Get answers about how someone feels about you, what is next for this relationship, or how to attract the love that you want.

Month Ahead – Get an idea of what you can expect to happen in the next month.  It could tell you something about your love life, career, or a challenge you’ll face.  The sky is the limit with this one.

Past Life – Want to discover who you were in a past life? Or perhaps you want to discover what challenges you had to face in that life and how it will help you in this one.

Birthday Spread –  The new year starts in January but yours starts on your birthday!  Get this for you or someone else.  It answers questions about what may happen between now and the next birthday.

Past, Present, and Future –  This reading can be what you want and can apply to love, career, money, family issues and etc.

How to attract more money – Whether you have money on the way or blocks that need to be cleared, this is the reading for you when you want to get answers about your finances or find ways to attract money.

Starting a business – Whether you are excited or fearful to start a business, this reading can help you figure out if you are making the right moves or need to make some changes in your plans.


Mini Reading

15 minutes for $30

Choose either a General Reading or Past, present, future

30 Min Reading

30 minutes for $75

60 Min Reading

60 minutes for $120

I was told that I was a “Lightworker” many many years ago but didn’t understand what that meant.  But now I know that I am meant to heal and help people.  I have been able to feel God’s energy surge through my body.  The first time, I was a teenager.  I didn’t know what to do or who to ask about it.  All that I knew, was that when I prayed I felt like my body was glowing on the inside. It started out small but now I feel it very powerfully.  I am currently learning how to harness that energy to heal others.  I have already performed healings on myself and was able to relieve pain from my neck and rid myself of a bacterial infection.  I realize that for some, this will sound far fetched.  But I no longer live in fear of what others think or feel about me.  I know who I am.  This service isn’t available at this time, but will be once I am done with my training.  If you have questions about any of this, please feel free to ask.