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Heavenly Body Studio is a family owned business.  We started this business because we saw that there were so many types of companies that help you lose weight but we wanted to do something different and unique.  We fell in love with Cryoskin because it is a simple technique that is like getting a massage. It isn’t painful at all and has no down time.  What makes it even more unique is that it doesn’t just get rid of fat, but it gets rid of the fat cell all together.  No other system, that we know of, gives you instant results and gets rid of the fat cell.  We have people literally lose 1/2 inch of fat before they leave our office.

We love to see people get the results they desire and we were happy to bring this service to Savannah.  We have been trained and certified by the company that makes the machine itself and look forward to growing our business here in Savannah, our home.

My name is Ashley.  I am the person who came up with the idea to start this business.  Having had a successful cleaning business in Savannah called Clean Queen, (click here to go to Clean Queen’s website) I decided it was time to use my entrepreneurial spirit to start another business.  I decided to bring my family into this as well so that we could all work together.  So me, my mom, and my sister signed up and went through Cryoskin’s intensive process of certifications and exams.

I’m passionate about helping others and one thing I know is that people are always interested in losing weight, but like me, we don’t always have time to go to the gym and sweat for hours.  Cryoskin is perfect for anyone who may not have time or is easily discouraged when they don’t get the results they want.  When you add Cryoskin to the mix, you can target an area of the body that takes forever to slim down when you are working out.  It’s also great for individuals who work out every day and may just need to tighten some loose skin.

I really love our facials though because you can again get instant results and it’s a healthier alternative to Botox but gives you the same results.

When I saw what Cryoskin could do I knew I had to learn everything about it and help others as much as I could. When you see that belly get flat or those arms get smaller you are so happy and even emotional.  We can help you learn to love your body again.  Book a free consultation with us today.